Speak your truth. Change the world.

At evoso, we help people authentically own their stories, find their voice and speak their truth. Collaborating with clients across the world to develop impactful messages – we believe in getting REAL with audiences. Our name evoso means “evolution society” and our clients are paradigm shifters and game changers who want to consciously amplify their message. Watch Erin Weed (Founder + CEO of evoso) sit down with Jonathan Fields (Founder of the Good Life Project) to discuss the power of transcending ourselves and our audiences with words.

After considerable agony on what I would possibly say in my speech, I called evoso to help me, and the impact was powerful. Through a socratic process of asking me the right questions, Erin helped me break through to the truth that needed to be shared. Working with evoso is a journey in first arriving at the truth you didn’t know you possessed and then sharing it with strength and eloquence.
Banks Benitez, Chief Entrepreneur Officer at the Unreasonable Institute
Giving my TEDx speech on living with mental illness was one of the toughest, most personal talks I’ve ever given. But you not only helped me find my truth, you helped me give myself permission to speak it, loudly. The outpouring of support I’ve had since has led to an entirely new community, project, and conversation around a topic that needed more voices. I know that this speech changed my life and the lives of many other people, and you helped me make it happen. Thank you for everything.
Amber Naslund, Co-Founder and President, Sideraworks

Our 3-Step Process to Creating a Killer Talk

What’s your word?

Our Dig clients emerge from their session knowing that ONE life word that drives what they think, say and do. Once you know your word, your message quickly falls into place. Doing a Dig is the only way in the door at evoso. Meet some of our happy clients, who now have epic clarity about what they are here to say…

Ready to speak your truth?

The first step to engage evoso is to do a Dig. We offer Digs in two ways - a private Dig or a group Dig workshop. So grab a shovel...then give us a shout.