Getting Real About the Hard Stuff

Sometimes speaking your truth is the farthest thing from convenient. In fact, sometimes it’s downright unpopular and difficult. But the best communicators will figure out a way to be the cherry flavoring in the cough syrup. Our job as leaders is to make the hard topics get ingested easier. One of the best ways to do this is to be authentic, to get real…but to be compassionate in the process. To meet people where they are, and lead them to truth in a creative way. This weekend I saw the movie Inside Out. At first glance, it’s a Pixar kids...
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The Path to Speaking Professionally

So what does it take to become a professional speaker? (that means, you actually get PAID to speak…) Here are a few things to consider about whether or not speaking professionally is right for you. There are many people online who sell programs that say that speaking is easy and pays the big bucks – but I want to be real with you. There can be ease in the process of building your speaking biz, but it’s just like starting any other company. There is a learning curve. And a personal investment of time and resources will be required. Most...
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unreasonable curtain

Joining the Evolution Society

This blog is dedicated to people who speak up, when it would be so much easier to shut up. Does that sound like you? I call them the Evolution Society. Membership is free, and most people who belong don’t even know it. It is selective, but most don’t realize who their esteemed peers are. But it’s time to cut through the mystery. It’s time for the Evolution Society to see who they are, and who their comrades are as well. Our world will be better for it. Now I know the name Evolution Society may sound grandiose, so let me...
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Consciously Questioning our Qualifications

If you’ve ever given thought to delivering a big speech – like a TEDx, Ignite, a personal testimony or even a presentation for work – have you ever wondered if you’re truly qualified to do it? Maybe these questions sound familiar: Who am I to talk about this topic? Who am I to think I can do it better than _________?? (insert someone’s name here) Do I have the proper degree or certification to be talking about this? What can I possibly bring to this topic that hasn’t been done before? This can be paralyzing. I have so much compassion...
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Wanna speak at TEDx?

Today I am writing with a confession. I’m a perfectionist. I always prefer to wait until something is perfect until I make anything public. I’ve wanted evoso’s strategy, systems and offerings to be flawless before we began really putting ourselves out there. Maybe this sounds familiar. Maybe you too have some idea, speech or business concept you’ve been keeping under mental lockdown out of fear it won’t be perfect enough to share yet. In the book Path of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, I found this passage to be both freeing and confronting in the same breath:  “It’s better to make...
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Larry Coconut

How (and Why) to Break a Coconut

Today I’d like to share with you an unconventional exercise on how to let go of things that are standing in your way from really speaking your truth. You just need two ingredients: Some free time and a coconut. That’s right. A coconut. One of my favorite books is called Outrageous Openness, by Tosha Silver. In it, Tosha writes about a ceremony in the Hindu religion, where coconuts are broken as a symbol of letting go of the egoic voices in our heads that keep us trapped or stuck. Usually, it’s fear just keeping us paralyzed in some way, and...
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My name is Erin Weed and I am the founder of evoso. I believe there is a story and a truth inside all people. The people who really need to get it out to the world have an uncanny sense of urgency, and the next chapter of my life will be dedicated to helping them. I am a midwife for birthing ideas, a storyteller and a truth hound. I believe ideas are bigger than people. People die. They screw up. They miss opportunities. They get stuck. But ideas are much more sustainable. They can last and help people for decades…centuries,...
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