If you're ready to take your message, turn it into a compelling speech   and deliver it live, on a big stage...your audience is waiting. 


My name is Erin Weed and I’m the Founder of Evoso.


I believe we can evolve society with our words. Words move people. To think. To feel. To act. But only when spoken truthfully. 

I witnessed the power of words after starting my first company in 2001. It was called Girls Fight Back (GFB).


We presented violence prevention seminars for women and girls. During my time running GFB, we spoke to over one million people at live events worldwide.


I started GFB after the 2001 murder of my college friend, Shannon McNamara. My grief became my mission to educate and empower young women.

For 12 years, live on stage, night after night, all across the world, I shared Shannon’s story - as well as strategies for staying safe and strong. During that time, my mission was to master both the art and business of speaking my truth.

I learned the secret to deeply connecting with audiences: You gotta be real. 

Authenticity builds trust. The audience must soften before they can open. And they must open before they can change.

Since selling GFB, I've coached hundreds of speakers for TEDx, keynotes, pitches and other opportunities where leaders can share their expertise, and leave people better than they found them.

If you feel compelled to speak, even if you aren't sure what that message is exactly, it's time to give it a voice. 

Let's do this...

Ash Beckham

I needed someone to help me expand the reach of my speech, and nobody does that better than Erin Weed.

Damon McCleese

I thought I knew what I'd speak about, but during Evoso Academy I realized I wanted to talk about something much more REAL.

Sue Jacques

Evoso Academy was not only one of the best investments I made in my career, but in my future and in my life. 

The next Evoso kicks off in January 2020, and is capped at 15 speakers. You will receive private coaching through the entire program.

Step #1: Dig your Truth

Let's begin by aligning your purpose with your words. What are you here to learn and teach? What is the bigger purpose that is wanting to be communicated in your talks? You'll learn how to narrow down your truth to just ONE WORD, and get epic clarity of your message.

Step #2: Discover your Content

Extract your content, discern what stories are most impactful and how to categorize it so it flows. The best content comes out unplanned, so we'll interview you in a casual format, and mine your brilliant brain for gold.

Step #3: Develop your Storyboard

Now it's time to take your best content, and build a storyboard that visually illustrates your talk. We will find the arc of your talk, and design the flow so you take your audience on a ride. You will learn how to use your words to help people think, feel and do something after your talk.

Step #4: Draft your Script

Once the storyboard is complete, it's time to write it out. You will learn how writing a speech script is VERY different from other kinds of writing, and how to integrate humor and master transitions. You'll also learn how to "speechify" your text so it lands on an audiences' ears effortlessly.

Step #5: Design your Slides

Slides should serve the role as being the visual story of your talk. Slides can make your talk or send your audience into a dark abyss of boredom, so let's learn the rules of slides, and how to create them in a way that keeps your ideas concise and cohesive.

Step #6: Deliver your Talk

Now it's time to get ready to step on stage. Get confident in your appearance, movements and voice delivery. You'll learn how to embody the content to memory, manage speaker anxiety and feel as if the stage is your home.

Step #7: Decide your Strategy

What is your message and how do you want to get it heard? Create your unique Message Ecosystem, and have a clear intention and focused direction of what you want to share with the world, and how it's tied to your other endeavors.

Step #8: Deploy your Message

Now it's time to share it with the world. We'll advise you on how to leverage, market or sell your speaking services - or use speaking to leverage your current business. Let's generate some real impact and abundance with your finished talk!

 Evoso Live 

It's so much more gratifying to develop a speech if you actually have a date on the calendar to give it! Therefore, this program concludes with all speakers delivering their talks in front of an audience at Evoso Live! The next Evoso Live will take place in March 12, 2020 in Boulder, CO at eTown Hall.


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