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Turn your core message
into a short, compelling speech 
and deliver it to a live audience.

EVOSO means "evolve society." It is a high-level speaker mastermind for accomplished leaders who want to change the world with their words.


Since 2016 it's been led by Erin Weed and her team of coaches. Over the course of several months, you'll develop a 10-minute talk and deliver it at EVOSO Live. 


Due to COVID, this program is currently being offered virtually. However we may offer an in-person option later in 2022.

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what you have to

But if you don't know where to start, it can feel overwhelming and frustrating to simplify and communicate your ideas. Don't get discouraged, we have a stellar team and a solid plan for you...

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I needed someone to help me expand the reach of my speech, and nobody does that better than Erin Weed.

One of the top 10 TEDx talks of all time, LGBTQ speaker, Author

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I thought I knew what I'd speak about, but during EVOSO I realized I wanted to talk about something much more REAL.


Exec. Director of Access Galleries, advocate for the elderly and disabled

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EVOSO was not only one of the best investments I made in my career, but in my future and in my life. 

Former death investigator, Author, Pro Speaker

Hi, I'm Erin Weed, Founder of EVOSO. I'll be your guide on this journey of public leadership.

my story

I witnessed the power of words after starting my first company in 2001. It was called Girls Fight Back (GFB).


We presented violence prevention seminars for women and girls. During my time running GFB, we spoke to over one million people at live events worldwide.


I started GFB after the 2001 murder of my college friend, Shannon McNamara. My grief became my mission to educate and empower young women.

For 12 years, live on stage, night after night, all across the world - I shared Shannon’s story - as well as strategies for trusting intuition, reducing risk of violence, fighting back physically if necessary - and enjoying a damn good life in the process. 


During that time, my mission was to master both the art and business of speaking my truth.​​ I learned there is a secret to deeply connecting with audiences...

 You gotta be real. 

​​Authenticity builds trust. The audience must soften before they can open. And they must open before they can change.

In 2013, I sold GFB and it's still going strong today. My next pursuit was coaching hundreds of speakers for TEDx, keynotes, pitches and other opportunities where leaders can share their expertise in impactful ways.

If you feel compelled to speak, even if you aren't sure what that message is exactly, it's time to give it a voice. My team and I will show you the way...

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We specialize in





EVOSO speakers are leaders who have something to say, and hail from many professional backgrounds, including:

Do you

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who need to give talks for a book tour

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who speak about their business at conferences

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in a subject matter who want to teach on bigger stages

noun_religious person buddha_2734454 (2)

on a mission to engage audiences for social change

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with solid experience, who want to lead with their expertise

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who want to leverage speaking to share their art more widely

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who want to grow their platform and impact more people

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with a story to share, who want to clearly articulate it